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Place holderThe American Advocate is a non-partisan political action group, whose mission is to empower citizens in making decisions based on information gathered from topics they choose to be informed about. Such topics can be local, regional or global. Once the topic has been chosen neutral and objective subject matter experts will inform the group of all aspects relating to that subject. Local Government representative will then be invited to discuss how they would propose to address the concerns’ of the citizens.

The sessions are facilitated by veteran disaster/emergency and CPR instructor James Beebe, who has taught over 1,100 students in the last five years throughout the greater San Diego County. Beebe is known for his creative and humorous style of instruction with a mix of personal experience.

Beebe’s students have ranged all the way from seniors, and parents with small children, to entire businesses.  “I have seen the disparity of those who wish they had been a little more proactive educating themselves for the uncertainty that life can throw your way,” he said.  “We offer choices and solutions rather than excuses which are the result of a lack of foresight and planning.” You can reach Beebe at 760-723-1338. 

Next Meeting June 28th
Guest Speaker
Bill Horn
& Staff


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  • The Sacramento Budget


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